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The best way to find out why girl barbers rule is to visit us and experience a haircut for yourself. But we'll give you a few highlights until we see you in The Shop ;)

The Shop on Market Street #GIRLBARBERSRULE Poster

Ok guys, how much time do you spend looking at other guy's hair? Not much right? Well, girls do. And girl barbers do even more. And we'll be honest with you, we judge it. Constantly. You want your hair to look good, and so do we. And. . . we've got the training and experience to make it happen.


Let's face it, kids can be nervous about getting haircuts. Girl barbers are patient and calm, even when your kiddo isn't. We put your child at ease and they tend to respond better to us then a guy barber. Their parents do too!


What was that again? We listen. Not just about sports (although we love talking sports too!) but to your requests, and your stories, and your work, and your relationships. And we are easy to talk to. We're both barbers and therapists. . . we're "hairapists". 

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